At Pawsh Styling we have years of experience and are skilled in grooming to the breed profile.  We also understand that grooming is a matter of taste and we respect the specific requests of the pet owner, taking the time to discuss your preferences and your loved one's grooming history.

Menu of Basic Spaw Services:

Our starting prices are based upon breed, but many factors can affect the final cost. Please understand that your dog's grooming price may vary from one appointment to the next depending on these factors: condition of the coat (mats, burrs, etc), length of coat, type of coat, dog's behavior, length of time since last grooming, fleas/ticks and skin/medical/health conditions. I can give you an estimated total once I see your dog in person. Please realize that I cannot always predict the severity of certain conditions until I start the grooming process and I cannot always predict behavior, so any price quoted is an estimate. Please contact me with any questions.

Full grooming includes a hydro-therapy bath, nail trimming, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, blow drying and a full haircut in a clients preferred choice of style (as deemed possible by above stated conditions.)

Pawsitively Pampered Spaw Services:
Feel free to come in for any of the following Spaw services or add them to your regular grooming experience to create your own unique Spaw package. Please ask for further details regarding these services. 

Mud Mask:
Your pet will be pawsitively pampered with a mud mask formulated with invigorating crystals straight from the Dead Sea.  Along with enchanting aromatherapy and a deep facial massage your sweetie will be refreshed and revitalized.

Hot Oil Treatment:
During the spaw experience we will use a specially formulated hot oil treatment for the relief of your pets itchiness, dandruff or dry skin.  Along with a deep, heated massage your pet's skin will be well on the way to beautiful, show quality greatness.

Deep Conditioning Treatment:
During the spaw experience we will use our specially formulated, all natural and organic conditioning treatment  to heal, soothe and hydrate dry, itchy or sensitive skin. Ideal for pets with skin sensitivities or allergies.

Whitening Body Wrap:
Is your little snowball looking more yellow than white?  Sign your little one up for an invigorating whitening wrap and you'll be amazed at the difference and your pet will be sparkling like when he or she was a pup!

Regular nail trimming ensures that your loved one does not suffer any discomfort from split or broken nails.  Our pawdicure includes a nail trimming and filing with your choice of paint color followed by a gentle pad massage to soothe and moisturize those tired paws.

Doggie Brazilian Trim:
Otherwise known as a sanitary shave we will shave or trim around your pet's most intimate areas to ensure a clean and healthy lifestyle for your pet.