Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why can't I find an address anywhere for Pawsh Styling?
  Pawsh Styling is a home-based dog grooming spaw located in Austin, MN.  In order to protect our home life, we do not publish our address, but will gladly provide it when you contact us.

Q:  Why does it seem like I frequently get voicemail when I call Pawsh Styling?
If you are calling during business hours, chances are, we are up to our elbows in suds, or in the middle of a groom, making it difficult to answer the phone at that time.  We regularly check voicemail throughout the day and will give you a call back as soon as we get a chance.

Q:  What forms of payment are accepted at Pawsh Styling?
  At this time, only cash or check is accepted as payment.

Q:  What happens if I am running late/early for my appointment?
  At Pawsh Styling, we only work on one dog at a time.  Therefore, your appointment time is the beginning of the allotted time set aside to work on your dog before our next client arrives.  We understand that situations arise.  If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please call us at 507-433-5334 to find out if you should still come for your appointment, or if we will need to reschedule for a different date.  Also, as our hours vary tremendously, please also call if you are planning to be more than 15 minutes early for your appointment.  For example, if your appointment is at noon, please don't assume we'll be available an hour earlier to groom your dog; your dog may be the first appointment for that day, therefore, we may not be open more than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  If an issue arises regarding your appointment time, please call ASAP.

Q:  Do you take walk-ins?
  Each hour of our work day is specifically scheduled for a pre-booked appointment; therefore, we do not have time for walk-ins.  All grooming is by appointment only.

Q:  What happens if my dog has a preexisting medical condition?
  Pawsh Styling welcomes all dogs.  We do ask that all preexisting medical conditions which may impede on your dog's comfort during grooming be disclosed to us prior to service so that we can take the necessary precautions to safely and comfortably accommodate your dog.  These include but are not limited to: allergies, seizures, heart conditions, bone and joint discomfort, skin conditions, blindness, deafness, etc.

Q: Do you take aggressive dogs?
Pawsh Styling asks that owners disclose any behavioral issues which may subsequently lead to any form of aggression, so that we can address such dogs accordingly.  In cases of aggressive behavior, we may, at our discretion, continue the service with the aides of muzzles to ensure the safety of your dog and ourselves.  We reserve the right to cease service should we consider a dog a danger to itself or others.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
  Please call 48 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment time for your dog.  Without proper notice, a "No Show" charge may be issued as this appointment time was reserved for your dog.  With advance notice I am able to refill the allotted time with clients waiting to be seen.  Please be courteous and conscientious of my time and others' needs.  We do know that emergencies and other unavoidable situations arise and have no problem working around them, please call us ASAP with any questions/concerns.

Q:  Can I leave my dog at Pawsh Styling to be groomed while I'm at work for the day?
  Normally this is no problem, we do not charge a daycare fee if it's within normal business hours.  That being said, we request you kindly ask us when you book your appointment if the hours you need to leave your dog at Pawsh Styling will be acceptable. If you have further questions regarding this matter, please contact us.

Q:  Why do you require our dog to be current on Rabies & Distemper vaccinations?
  The main reason we require your dog to be up to date on his/her vaccinations is not only to protect your dog and every other dog he/she comes into contact with but also to protect us should your dog happen to bite.  Also, our insurance does require your pet to be current on these two vaccinations.  We do NOT compromise on this matter.

Q:  Do you offer pick up or drop off services?
  I am more than willing to pick up your dog or drop him off at your house when they are finished.  There is a small fee for this service depending on where you live, please contact me for further details.  I try to be accommodating to your schedule but please be aware I also have other clients to attend to and will fit this transportation service in when I have time, which may vary depending on the day.

Q:  I hesitate to leave my dog when he/she seems so scared to be at the groomers.
  Typically, a dog tends to put on a dramatic "show" for its owner to try to get out of the grooming session.  However, once the owner leaves, most dogs calm right down and calmly go through the routine of the grooming process.  The best thing you can do for your dog if he/she is nervous is to calmly give them to us, without making a big deal about leaving.  Dogs pick up on their owners' anxieties.  If you are calm, it will benefit your dog's state of mind.  Please do not worry about your dog.  Since we are a small home-based spaw, we tend to be quieter, with less commotion, with fewer dogs and fewer stressors in general.  We will take excellent care of them at Pawsh Styling and will do everything possible to provide a calm, happy environment for your dog.

Q:  Is there anything I should do before I bring my dog to Pawsh Styling for their grooming appointment?
  Take your dog out to potty and/or for a walk.  Since Pawsh Styling is a new environment, a surprising number of dogs poop or pee within a half hour of arriving at the shop.  To make your dog more comfortable make a point of knowing he/she has eliminated completely before bringing them in.  A walk will also help to calm your dog, thus leaving him/her more relaxed for their grooming session.

Additional FYI's:

Don't feed your dog too soon before the appointment time.  If your dog usually has a meal during the day, try to ensure that he/she eats at least an hour before you leave for their appointment, so that they have digested the meal.  Car travel, over-excitement and stress can all cause a dog to feel nauseous if he/she has eaten too recently and it's not uncommon for excitable or anxious dogs to vomit soon after they arrive at the shop.

Be calm-when you bring your dog in, don't make a big fuss of leaving them-this can distress your dog a great deal.  Come in happily and confidently, with your dog on a lead and walking on his own feet, not being carried.  When you collect your dog, the same applies-don't make a big fuss or baby them.  If you make a big, emotional deal out of the whole thing, your dog will too.

A lot of times with dogs barking, the blow dryer on and shavers running we cannot hear you knocking on the front door-please be sure to ring the doorbell.  It may take a couple minutes to get to the door by the time we corral the dogs and stop what we're doing.

I will call you as soon as your dog is finished.  If you'd like to check on your dogs' progress please call me at the shop (507-433-5334)-I can give you an estimated time your dog will be finished.  Stopping by the shop to check on your dog creates more stress on your dog because he/she can hear you and then they think they are going home, it also interrupts our work and puts us behind schedule. 

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions/concerns you may have.  We'll be happy to speak with you.

Emily Gossman
Pawsh Styling